Safe acquisition of real estate on the most favorable terms
Drafting, control and revision of real estate purchase and sale contracts, lease contracts and other types of contracts and accompanying documentation.
Control and revision of contracts on housing and other loans. Filter out unfair and illegal provisions of the bank.
Checking the registration of objects, their burdens and their legality.

Buying and selling real estate

Real estate transactions, their purchase or lease are very serious, formal and complex transactions that create very far-reaching obligations and consequences. The contracts you enter into may be unfair or onerous without you even realizing it.
We will make sure that all contracts are completely correct and legal and that they do not create unnecessary obligations or put you in a more difficult position than necessary.

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Contract revision

Bank contracts often contain unfair and illegal provisions that make your position difficult. By hiring us, you will prevent such clauses from being found in your contracts. By reviewing the contract for housing and other loans, we will point out provisions that are illegal and should not be in the contract and ask the banks to remove them.
With our help, you can secure your purchase and get the best loan terms.

Control and safety

When buying an apartment, house, plot, or other real estate, you should be confident in the legality of the building, the state of mortgages and other encumbrances, ownership and other possible restrictions. With our help, you will be completely protected and confident in the condition and legal situation of the object you are buying.
We are here to make the entire real estate buying process safe, clear and accurate. You will feel safe and in control of the process when buying an apartment or other real estate.



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