Learning is like rowing upstream, as soon as you stop, you immediately move back.

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The goal of our conferences is for all of you to acquire new knowledge and professional development in order to improve practice, as well as to connect and exchange information and experiences. The lecturers and organizers of our conferences are the best-known experts from practice, competent institutions and the most successful companies.

Milveco obuke za sluzbenika za JN


Milveco Consulting is a specialized company for public procurement, which in the last 10 years has organized the largest number of trainings for public procurement officers in the Republic of Serbia. We are known for the quality of our trainings and are proud of the excellent results of our participants in taking the professional exam for obtaining the certificate of public procurement officer. Our Trainings are carried out by experienced certified lecturers authorized by the Ministry of Finance to implement a unique training program for obtaining the certificate of public procurement officer.


Expert team for Public procurements and tendering
Organizing up to date business conferences

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